One-time Deal Analysis

The Green Group Real Estate Deal Analysis

Are you “trying” to get into real estate but struggling to start?

Have you read every blog and watched every YouTube video but still need help?

Do you have a lead but no idea what to do next?

The Green Group will analyze any potential real estate investment property for you!
In your order include:
  • Property address
  • Seller asking price
  • List of repairs needed to the property
  • Desired exit strategy (buy and hold, fix and flip, wholesale, seller financed, etc)
You will receive deal analysis for ONE residential or commercial property address. Analysis will include:
  • Estimated ARV
  • Repair cost estimate
  • Cap Rate (if applicable)
  • Cash On Cash Return
  • Annual Gross Rent (if applicable)
  • Annual Net Rent
  • Annual Operating Expenses (Including Vacancy & Repair Reserves)
  • GOI (Gross Operating Income)
  • NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • Exit strategy analysis (“Is this a good deal? Why?”)
* Advanced calculations such as Unit-Cost Breakdown, Equity Accrued, Multi-Year Projections, etc available with additional purchase.
* Analysis includes data points listed above. Additional services including online/phone coaching session with additional purchase.


How experienced are you in Real Estate Investing
Our team has over 30 years of experience in financial analysis, consulting and real estate investing. The deal analysis that you receive will be the same deal analysis that we all use for potential acquisitions.
Will you analyze properties outside of the US?
Our deal analysis works for all properties. We may need you to provide additional data in order to analyze deals outside of the US.