Starting out as a Property Locator

aka A Bird Dog

Sell your contracts and make big money as an investment locator or Bird-dog. Regardless of your race, wealth, or education anyone can choose to  build massive wealth though real estate.  The current real estate market is allowing motivated, hard working individuals the opportunity to build or rebuild their wealth by picking up properties for pennies on the dollar.

Today we are going to be addressing the issue of how to start investing in real estate if you have NO money.

I started investing at 19 years old with no money, no education, and no experience and built an amazing life for myself in 5 short years. I accomplished this by starting out as a REI property locator.  

As a property locator you help an investor with cash find the type of  investment properties they are looking for.  When you find a deal your buyer would potentially purchase you put the property under contract in your/your business name.  You bring the contract to your potential buyer and if they want to purchase the home they purchase your position in the contract.

A property locator, bird dog, and co-wholealser are terms that for the most part can be used interchangeably.

Being a property locator allows you to “get your hands on deals” without having to bring the cash to the table.  Thousands of Connected Investors make a great living earning well over six figures as a REI property locator.   Learn how here